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The milestones which have marked our growth since 1945

1945 - Driven by the strong positive post-war spirit, Carlo Allegrini, together with his sons Giacomo and Giuseppe, sets up Allegrini: a company producing bleach.
1950 - The first turning point comes with the patent for the innovative re-closable bleach container, created by Giacomo Allegrini, which paves the way to large-scale distribution for the company.
1965 - Allegrini receives the silver medal at the 14th International Inventors’ Fair in Brussels for the creation of plastic bollards (one of the first examples of diversification for the company).
1969 - Allegrini becomes the first company in Italy to produce biodegradable detergents. This is the first important achievement resulting from Allegrini’s commitment to sustainable development.
1981 - Allegrini becomes a public limited company and moves from Villa D’Almè to its current location in Grassobbio.
1985 - The company’s 40th anniversary is celebrated with the presentation of the new logo, which includes the slogan “Chemistry for the environment”.
1986/1990 - Allegrini is the official licensee of the Mexico 86 and Italia 90 World Cup brand.
1991 - Allegrini Amenities, the division dedicated to hotel complimentary toiletries, is created.
1993 - In the spirit of diversification, Allegrini AllFarm is born, specialising in products for zootechnics
1997 - Allegrini S.p.A. receives ISO 9001 certification.
2001 - The Casa Quick project is created, offering a distribution service which delivers the most popular household detergents directly to homes without the need for additional packaging (winner of the environmentally friendly innovation award from Legambiente).
2001 - Fernando Alonso makes his debut in Formula 1 in a Minardi vehicle sponsored by Allegrini, at the height of a long collaboration between the company and Giancarlo Minardi.
2006 - At the peak of an important sales campaign abroad, Allegrini Russia is born, a 100% Allegrini-owned branch located in Moscow.
2006 - In line with the company philosophy of respect for the environment, Allegrini launches an Ecolabel-certified product range.
2007 - A new chemical research centre is created, which includes a reactor for the production of vegetable-origin surfactants.
2010 - Allegrini S.p.A. is awarded the silver medal at the Geneva International Fair for the creation of a perfume seal for detergents and cosmetics.
2010/11 - After having supported important volleyball clubs such as Foppapedretti Bergamo and Copra Volley Piacenza, Allegrini becomes technical sponsor of the Atalanta football team.
2011 - Exploiting its experience in the auto world and the quality of its own products, the Cleaning Centre is created, a centre for car restoration located in Grassobbio (BG).


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