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Safety at the time of COVID-19

Since the start of the pandemic, Allegrini fully applied to provide you effective and practical solutions, to be in keeping with the requests of the market, both strained by the emergency phase that involved all of us.

For this reason, we summarize all the communication materials that we edit in recent months: tools that enhance our commitment and, even more, they reassure customers for choosing Allegrini as their partner.


Brochures, protocols, hygiene plans, car wash posters, tutorial videos and much more!


To discover all the materials available for consultation, scroll down!

If you want to know more about Cleaning and Covid, read the latest issue of the Allegrini Magazine.



  •     Vademecum for all areas
  •     Protocol brochure for accomodation facilities
  •     Protocol brochure for restaurant
  •     Protocol brochure for bar, backeries, pastries & ice creams palors
  •     Protocol brochure for gyms, swimming pools & wellness centers
  •     Protocol brochure for beauty salons & hairdresser
  •     Protocol brochure for offices & stores
  •     Carwash "action plan" poster A3 size
  •     Carwash poster 50x70 cm size
  •     Carwash poster 80x100 cm size
  •     Card for vehicle rearviewmirror/gear lever
  •     Carwash "hygiene plan" poster A3 size
  •     Protocol brochure for industries
  •     Hand sanitizer Primagel Plus brochure
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