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Allegrini S.p.A. is a leader in the production of detergents for hygiene and cleaning in professional fields.

Founded in 1945, Allegrini S.p.A. is a leader in the production of detergents for hygiene and cleaning in professional fields. Since 2006 it has also been present in Russia, with headquarters in Moscow, representing a strategic logistic hub for the international market, where the brand is present in 42 countries.


Since 1945 we have been producing chemical products for professional use in full compliance with current regulations and a policy of respect for the environment. Our products respond to uses in various sectors.


The Ho.Re.Ca & Facilities range offers solutions for professional cleaning for restaurants, catering services, hotels, gyms, schools, cleaning companies and health structures, all with a view to prevention for public health.

For over 70 years, the pride of Allegrini’s range has been the Carwash & Car care line for cleaning and maintenance in the world of motoring, from car washes to car workshops and dealerships, where Allegrini is a range-leader, boasting partnerships with companies such as ENI.

Production is further diversified in a specific range for the food sector. Allegrini Food Industry offers a line of products for hygiene and disinfecting in the production chain: from the processing of raw materials, to transformation and the sale of the final product.


The headquarters are located in the province of Bergamo, together with the production lines, warehousing, a highly-equipped Cleaning Centre, the Academy for training and a modern Research and Development Centre, equipped with the most advanced instruments and a team of expert researchers, constantly working on the definition of high-performance formulas in respect for environmental ethics, an aspect of the company which has always identified the Allegrini brand.


“If you are looking for a partner able to satisfy all your requirements in the field of professional cleaning, capable of offering products of the highest quality which are 100% Made in Italy, as well as a complete technical service, Allegrini is the company for you”.




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